EduCoders’s commitment to privacy and protection of your Personal Data

EduCoders understands and respects the privacy of all information that you entrust it with, except for information that, by its context or nature, is meant for public display at this EduCoders Website (the "Website") or is otherwise in the public domain. In light of this, EduCoders is committed to protecting your Personal Data and wishes to keep you informed of the nature of the information that EduCoders collects from you and where it uses the same. If you are dissatisfied with how your information is being used by EduCoders, you may not be able to use EduCoders or the services of EduCoders, as some of the information may be necessary for providing the services to you.

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What Is Personal Data ?

Personal data means any information that, when used alone or combined with other information, may be used to identify an individual. This includes, but is not limited to, an individual’s first and last name, e-mail address, mailing and/or residential addresses, telephone number, title, birth date, gender, occupation, contact information and/or other personal information that may be required in order for us to provide a service you request, or may have requested, on the Website (the “Personal Data”).

How necessary it is for you to disclose your
personal data ?

The information that may be required to register you as a user of EduCoders will be accessible to other users of EduCoders, except for the portions that you specifically indicate shall not be accessible. Even then, it will be necessary for you to share certain information to enable you to register for EduCoders and remain an active member thereof. There are two types of information that you provide:

  1. information that is optional for you to share ("Optional Information")
  2. information that is necessary for you to share to be able to access and use EduCoders ("Mandatory Information").
You may choose not to disclose Optional Information, and while you have a choice in doing so, disclosing Optional Information may optimize your experience of using EduCoders. On the other hand, you will be required to disclose Mandatory Information. If you are not comfortable with disclosing Mandatory Information, you should not register for EduCoders or exit use immediately, as without disclosing the Mandatory Information, you will not be able to use the basic functions of EduCoders.

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How we collect your personal data ?

You will be able to browse the Website anonymously unless you have previously indicated that you wish EduCoders to remember your login identification and/or password. In some circumstances, we may request you to provide Personal Data. Your response to such a request is strictly voluntary. EduCoders uses the Personal Data to customize your experience on the Website. We also may use your Personal Data for other business purposes, such as alerting you to products and services that can assist you in your business, promoting site registration, order processing and online customer service.

When you visit the Website, you may need to be registered and create a password in order to log in. The use of the Website, and the downloadable information on the Website, may be governed by a written agreement between you, or your employer, and EduCoders. Unless you request your Personal Data to be deleted, it may be retained by EduCoders, pursuant to applicable laws, to: (i) verify compliance with the agreement, (ii) track software and documents you download; or (iii) track page visits and usage of other applications available on the Website.

We also may receive your Personal Data from our business partners and suppliers. We intend to use such Personal Data only if it has been collected in accordance with acceptable privacy practices consistent with this Privacy Policy as well as applicable laws.

In general, you can visit the Website without divulging any Personal Data. However, there are areas of the Website that require us to collect Personal Data to complete the customization functions for which they are designed that may not be available to those individuals who elect not to provide the Personal Data requested. You are always welcome to visit the public portion of the Website without disclosing any Personal Data.