About EduCoders

What is EduCoders?

EduCoders is an online tutoring platform where students meet highly qualified tutors and get their problems solved on ideal rates! Are you a student and you want to learn something? Are you stuck somewhere in your assignment? Do you want to prepare for exams? Did today's lecture go right over your head? Visit our website and thousands of tutors from all around the world will be ready to help you! And the good thing is, you don’t have to hire a tutor for a month. If your problem takes 5 minutes to get solved, pay for 5 minutes only. If you are passionate about teaching, be a tutor at our website and connect to students from all around the world. Teach the topics you're good at, at your own ease. Our services are not just limited to coding. We provide tutors for all CS and IT related subjects. Our range of tutors covers programming, technical writing, algebra, calculus, basic physics, robotics and much more!

Who we are

We are a tech startup currently incubated at Plan9.
Our mission is to ensure satisfactory educational assistance 24/7 globally by re-inventing the tuition system.